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If you live anywhere at all in the State of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Delaware, New York, New England area, Northern Virginia, NC, Maryland or the Washington DC area, we can help you greatly. If you live in any other state in the land just click on the world globe below. We can help you as well.

Action Piano Company is the best piano and pump organ restoration firm in the Eastern United States, Northeast region. Our cabinet refinishing facility has refinished thousands of pianos, and we have rebuilt hundreds of Grand, Spinet, Upright, Console, Studio, Player Pianos and Pump Organs of all kinds. Everything we do is fully guaranteed.

The only way for you to find the right place to have your piano work done is for you to speak with the PIANOMAN in person and have your piano's condition professionally evaluated by an expert piano technician. Just send us an e-mail today. Please include your telephone number and a good time for us to call you back and we will contact you to arrange a date to drop by and see your piano. There is absolutely no charge for the inspection or the visit. You are under no obligation at all.

Call us directly if you like.
In the Northeast, call:
(570)  624-9018

Metro and Southeastern region call
(877) 728-4879

In New Jersey Toll Free
(800) 585-6834

Cape May County Area
(609) 368-2719

Fax Number
(347) 214-8447

Speak With Ava in the Office
(610) 212-8908

(877) 728-4879

If you live anywhere else on the planet earth and want to take advantage of our superior services, drop us an e-mail now. We can make arrangements for your piano or antique pump organ to be picked up, brought to our shop, and returned to your home when finished. While your work is in progress, we will send you actual photos of what is being done. You will be glad you looked us up, to be sure. Everything we do is fully guaranteed.

Our restoration shop operates five days a week from 5:30 am to 6:00 PM. All our telephones have 24 hour answering services on the line, so you can leave your information any time by phone. Our e-mail is checked daily, and all messages are answered within 24 hours (48 hours over holidays and Sunday).

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