Read what our customers have to say. Here are some of our many accolades, in writing and on file*.

Anderson Console Piano (1939)
"Thank you very much. I am so happy I found Action Piano Company in my research for repairs to my piano. Not only have you and Andy made this so completely painless, but I really appreciate all the information you've shared with me regarding each step of the process."
BB, Secacus, NJ 4/28/03

Lauter Player Piano (1913)
"We are overwhelmed with the Sound and Beauty of this Piano. Thanks Again." 5/16/91
"Your Restoration of my Piano is truly a work of a master Craftsman + Artist." 5/5/92
AB, Lansford, PA

Story & Clark Player Piano (1918)
"Just wanted to say thanks for a beautiful job on the S+C.
You have no idea how much my wife and I enjoyed listening to the songs when we used the electrified system. It's truly remarkable to see someone who takes such pride in their profession."
JC, Jim Thorpe, PA . 4/30/90

Eavestaff Mini Piano (1935)
"I appreciate your thorough research and above all the prompt and reliable way you conduct your business."
CMM, Valley Forge, PA 5/15/93

Action Piano Company

Heller Brothers Player Piano (1923)
"Andy, thanks again for the wonderful, incredible job you and the gang did - you took a forlorn, forgotten instrument and brought it back to life. Perhaps it is better now than it ever was. It is so gratifying to watch and listen to the Heller do its thing - and the Strauch mechanism just works like a charm - the music actually reflects the color of the pianist (in this case Liberace - you can actually hear his style in the music and you know that his work was mastered on the roll).
Thanks again Andy and all the best always to you and the wonderful crew at Action."
R. C., Trenton, NJ 3/25/03

Chickering Square Grand Piano (1865)
"It's really nuts trying to settle into the idea that the piano's actually mine and it's so perfect. I had put a mental lock on having a square grand from when I was a kid...I know that sounds corny...but it was the type I always wanted - the fact that I found you guys seems to mean to me that I was at the right place at the right time. You guys really are amazing :)
I truly love it...and enjoy playing it and having such a wonderful instrument in my house. You guys truly did an amazing job...something I had no doubts of but was still so pleasantly surprised."
P.L., Jersey City, NJ 2/11/03

Chickering Grand Piano (1948) (SEE- On 'More Pianos' page)
"FABULOUS job on my piano, thank you very much!"
M.F., Boston, Mass. 12/16/02

Cornish Pump Organ (1881) & Rcublin Upright Piano
"Andy, Thank you so much for your great work. I have been playing the piano every time I pass by. I didn't realized I was so rusty.
I told my daughter about it and she was interested too. I sent her a picture of the pump organ, and she was thrilled."
N.S., Liberty, NC 11/12/02

Weser Brothers Player Piano (1929)
"Let me thank you over + over for giving me a real piano. What pleasure it gives me to sit and play, the keys working so beautifully to help me in my restricted manner. I play only for my pleasure, never having a lesson. What a difference, and the sound is wonderful. What a piece of work you have done. Thank you."
E.Z., Tamaqua, PA 5/17/90

1907, Knabe Player Piano
"Andy. The piano looks and sounds great! Thanks."
R.L. Apollo Beach, Fla . 12/9/99

Cunningham Player Piano (1924)
"We want to congratulate you on the thoroughness you take in informing your customers about the piano reconstruction. Thanks for being a professional."
B&B. S., Cape May, NJ 1/6/96

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People are so kind to write
and tell us how much they
love their restored pianos.

"...an amazing job"

"Its been a few years since you and your colleague
(who's name I admittedly forgot!) refurbished my piano, dining room set, antique desk and
bookcases---- you both did a wonderful job."
IJG, Philadelphia, PA. 12/8/03

"Thank you so much for your update on my piano. I am so excited!! Thanks for your dedication to finding the parts. I am so glad to have you on the job."
LL, Rutherford, NJ 12/28/03

NEEDHAM SILVER-TONGUE PUMP ORGAN (1877) (SEE on "Stories of Rebirth" Page)
"Just a short note to let you know that our 'baby' is home and is sitting in the living room. You and the staff at 'pianosrebuilt' did a wonderful job in bringing our Needham back to life. Many thanks!!
Again, many thanks to you for restoring our organ -- it is a wonderful piece of history -- and we will take good care of it!!"
FB, New Market, Tenn. 4/26/04

Stories of Rebirth

"A. B. Chase is Perfection! Once again we want to thank you and your company for making this piano completely surpass our expectations. It is beautiful and the sound is WOW! As for the Pianomation, we are astounded at what it can do! We love love love it!!"
DP, Manahawkin, NJ 5/28/04

"I want to thank you for delivering the organ and for the magnificent work on the cabinet and the moving parts. I will write you a more formal note for your files, but wanted you to understand how pleased we are with the results of your work. Sincerely."
CC, Blacksburg, VA 6/8/04

"I wanted you to know how absolutely fantastic that Pease piano is!! It fills the entire neighborhood with sound!
You and your staff did a wonderful job and Patty and I really appreciate it!"
CJ, Bath, Pennsylvania 11/5/04

"Hi, Just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful
work you did on the piano. And what great timing for
delivery. Mike's family all showed up that night and
it meant a lot to them to see Dad's piano. The kids
all were playing it. Thanks again."
KO, South New Jersey 10/29/04

"The sound is great as I have been experimenting with my old hymnal. Maybe by Christmas I'll be able to play a
carol my family will recognize. :-) You can be very proud of your work. It is quite amazing to be able to take something almost from the trash pile to such a beautiful instrument. I can hardly wait to see the picture diary of the before and after. I'm certain everyone who sees it will be amazed.
Thanks again."
J.C. Ellisville, Missouri 8/6/04

"Thank you So much for all the work you did on our piano. The player works great. The kids love it, and I'm sure we will get years of enjoyment from it! Thanks for everything"
MT, Cape May County, NJ 4/29/05


"I have nothing but wonderful reviews about your restoration of
the Emerich Betsy. Thank you very much for a job well done.
My sister is very happy and proud to have that piano in her house. Please do not hesitate to use me as a reference, should you need one. I will always be one of your strongest supporters when it comes to telling any possible customers about what a great job you guys do. Thank you again!"
AS, Atlantic County, NJ 8/7/2005

"The piano far exceeds any expectations I had and I am soooooo glad we kept it Rosewood. I love it more every day."
DP, Barnegat, NJ 12/28/05

"We really love the piano. It sounds wonderful."
BL, Mays Landing, NJ 11/19/05

"I've really been enjoying the organ - both just to look at as well as experimenting with different sound combinations. I love the fullness of the bass, but am working of combinations to balance it out in the higher range. I'm still amazed at the beautiful grain of the wood - never knew it was there before. Can't wait to show the before and after pictures when I get them. Thanks so much for the wonderful job!"
KM, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania 7/17/06

"Just a note to thank you for your excellent job on our Knabe Piano. It is working well and we are very satisfied with your service. We also appreciate the extensive letter of appraisal."
BH, Atlantic County, NJ 8/22/06

"Andy, I just wanted to thank you for the lovely job you did on my Piano encased organ. It looks wonderful."
KB, Ashland, PA 1/2/07

" I wish to thank you and your staff for the fine restoration of my mother's piano. The results were beyond my expectations. I never thought that the piano would have the appearance and sound quality, which you were able to renew in an instrument that was built 70 years ago.

Yesterday, my father and brother's family visited us in our new home. This was the first time they had seen the piano, since it left our family home. They were very impressed with the softness of your Deeptone, Satin Lacquer Finish. It looks as though the antique finish is part of the wood, as there are no drips or runs, and the overall effect has no high gloss, which would indicate an aftermarket restoration.

After our dinner, we had a friend come by and played several selections on the newly installed keyboard and strings. She was quite complimentary of the action, and the sound quality was superb.

I am very pleased with all of the work on the piano. Thank you for all of your advice, and the timeliness in which all was completed. It certainly was money well spent to protect an important part of our family's memories. Please feel free to use me as a reference for your company. I will gladly recommend Action Piano Company to anyone wishing to use your services."
SCM, Mountain Top, PA 4/9/07


"I am so happy with your professionalism, knowledge and sense of humor! You have made this whole process a joy. If there were more people in the world like you we would be in a much better place right now!
All the best to you and please thank all the folks who worked on my sweet Winter. Please let them know that this piano has been a life long dream and they (and you) have made it come true." 3/24/07

"Greetings from rainy New England. I am so enjoying playing my new/old Winter baby grand.... thanks to you! There are no words to let you know how happy and appreciative I am... not only for the superb restoration job you did on my 'baby' but, the professionalism, reliability, humor, knowledge and honesty you bring to your work. You are a very special person and I am grateful to have found you."
DR, Narragansett, RI 6/9/07

Miller Pump Organ, (1913)

"The organ is beautiful, thanks for doing such a nice job." 
TD, South New Jersey   7/24/07

Albrecht (Blaisus) Upright Piano, (1904)

"Oh, my gosh - I actually cried when I saw these pictures. It looks gorgeous!  I cannot wait for my piano to come home. Thank you
so much - you are doing fantastic work! "
SF, Ambler, PA   11/16/07

Weaver Pump Organ, (1870-1900)

"You have given me more information than I could have ever hoped for in
response to a simple e-mail from an individual who is obviously not so
well informed regarding pump organs in general, and my grandmothers
(mother') specifically."
MJ, Green Bay, WI 1/24/08
Newman Brothers Organ, Sold by Rosche (1885)
 "As I told Andy in our conversation this evening,  Bob and I were speechless, and humbled, when we saw the pictures of the completed organ last night.  We were gone most of today but checked our email when we returned home this afternoon.  I was just starting to write you an email note when you called.
 We are in awe of your ability to bring our organ back to its full glory.  When we received the first pictures of the organ in pieces we knew you had to know what you were doing.  We now know that you are truly gifted artists.  We thank you, for the care, the patience, the attention to detail, and the labor of love that you have performed in bringing our organ to a truly magnificent state.  We have eagerly awaited this day when the restoration was completed and are looking forward to its homecoming! 
We know of several places that sell older pianos and organs and will be letting them know of your company and what incredible work you do. 
Again, you have our most sincere thanks"
AD, Tumacacori, AZ   7/1/08
Sherlock Manning Pump Organ, (1905)
"Dear Andy, I can't tell you how absolutely thrilled I am with my organ-- It has never looked so beautiful-- nor have I ever been able to play it with so little effort- I can't tell you enough what a fantastic job you and your crew have done- Use me for a referral any time you wish- Doing business with you was so easy, satisfying-- everything you told me was true-  Thanks to your talents- I was able to save an historic instrument-and what a sweet sound it gives forth- The stool looks great as well This was not a Sherlock Manning original- but all My mother could find-- If you ever come across an original organ bench that was used with this organ- I would be interested in obtaining same  Thanks again for wonderful work!!!-- Linda- PS- I also value your knowledge re history, care."
LC, Buffalo Grove, Illinois   10/23/08
Baldwin Grand Piano, (1925) *

"I am just thrilled at what this piano looks like-- it's beautiful." "My family all enjoyed seeing it and saying, ""My goodness, this was always under all that black stuff."" A couple of them even questioned if it was really our piano? Anyway, thank you so much for everything-- .".
SL, Meridian, ID 11/1/09

* Audio File
Story & Clark Pump Organ (1896)
"I just wanted to once again say thank you for all of your work in restoring my pump organ, but more than that, really, for the care and love and heart you put into your work. It was always evident in any of your emails. It means so much because I know how much physical effort and love for the instrument went into any tuning, repair job or rebuilding of pianos that my dad put into his work. I must say that I'm not getting a whole lot of work done - I take many breaks to just sit and play. And it is bringing me such indescribable pleasure! So thank you again from the bottom of my heart!"
Sterling Parlor Organ (1896)
LS, Midland Park, NJ   10/23/2011

Kimball Grand Piano (1936), Weaver Organ (1895), Estey Pump Organ (1869)

"My family is coming over this weekend for Thanksgiving and we are going to have
a really special time in my music room with Mom's piano, and the 2 pump organs...
thank you for your dedication and your love of music....Happy Thanksgiving ! : )"
NH, Pocomoke, MD   11/23/11

Putnam Pump Organ, by W. W. Putnam (1903)

"Thank you so much for all your help! We cannot tell you enough what a pleasure it has been to work with you and your company. We appreciate the careful way in which you have managed the restoration process, and we thank you for communicating that process with us, step by step, through words and pictures.

In our view, your company has gone the extra-mile, as you have taken time to maintain ongoing communication throughout the restoration process, and include detailed information about the heritage of our pump organ. Because of the way you have treated us, as well as the way you have treated our pump organ, we have come to trust you, and to feel that you genuinely care about us and our pump organ. We think you are an excellent company. Working with your company has been a great experience for us. We would be happy to recommend your company to anyone.

Recently, and in contrast, we have been having a very different experience working with another company, an experience which has become difficult and unpleasant, due to the fact that this other company has chosen to take advantage of us. As a result, we can truly appreciate what is means to work with a company as wonderful as yours.

Thank you again for the special efforts in our behalf.
With sincere appreciation to you and your company, and our best wishes to you all for a prosperous future!"

MC, Ann Arbor, MI   2/23/13
"It has taken me over a week to collect myself and properly thank you for the amazing work you and your team did on my Moller organ. I have been trying to play a little every day and am anxious to "remember" what I thought I'd forgotten, and to learn more. After a couple of days of slightly sore legs, I am good to go! Still experimenting with stops :) but it sounds wonderful all around.

The organ is an absolutely beautiful addition to our home and brings back so many good memories. More than that, I feel my grandmother's presence in this journey and know that she would be proud that this heirloom looks so lovely and has a home once again. Last week, I was able to show photographs to my mom and dad - they were amazed at the transformation.

I am so grateful that you do the work that you do, and feel fortunate to have located you. Thank you for taking the time, care and love to complete the inside and outside restoration of my organ. Please convey my appreciation to those who worked on it, and to your wife for her help as well. I also want to thank you for your responsiveness to my many questions throughout the restoration. This level of customer service is hard to find these days, and it does not go unnoticed.

You are welcome to use me as a reference. I look forward to playing the organ, and to enjoying its beauty. My husband has not discouraged me from playing familiar hymns repeatedly, but will be happy when I can branch out."

Moller Pump Organ,(1889)

JM, Ashburn, VA        3/26/12
At Action Piano Company we strive every day to do justice to the hard work of those many craftsmen and women who worked long and hard so many years ago to produce pianos and organs that would last for generations.  These individuals labored under factory conditions that just about no American worker of the twenty-first century would put up with for even a single shift.  Yet, they managed to build superior instruments with dedication and pride-- enough to actually sign many of the individual parts they worked on.  We do the best we can every day.  But some of the credit for these beautiful works of art still belongs to the original makers.
AA, Brookville, MD  9/7/13
Aeolian Player Piano (1928)

"I just want to reach out to thank you and your team for a wonderful job!  Our piano is beautiful inside and out, and it sounds phenomenal!  It's too bad my grandparents aren't here to see it, but I know they would be pleased.  Our kids are already taking lessons, and even our youngest (2 years old) has claimed the piano as hers.  Ha!  Don't worry - only clean hands are permitted, no drinks or food and we have ordered custom blinds for the windows near the piano, (in the meantime a blanket is placed over it every day to protect it from the sun).  Thanks Again."


Hardman-Peck Grand Piano (1928)
JC, Wrentham, Mass.   5/31/2014
Editor's note:
Great damage can be done to your piano from direct rays of the sun.  Besides the obvious damage to the finish, the heat (even small amounts) can cause your soundboard to fail in a very short time.
Silver Chimes Pump Organ (1892)
" Hi Andy, Ava and crew.  My organ arrived yesterday and it looks absolutely beautiful. !!!  I am more than thrilled.  I just love it including the added top and the stool.  I can't thank you enough for your precise intricate attention to details.  And the expertise!!  I am proud to now have 2 restored organs {both}  done by you. Amazing, knowledgeable and with personalized care.  Happy New Year to you and all and thank you again !!!!" 
LC, Buffalo Grove, Illinois   1/18/16